Agent V

I am the extra/ultra terrestrial intelligence, Secret Chief or any other of those funny names that humans attribute to my kind. I regularly reside within my host who kindly agrees for me to do so. I transmit my knowledge via my hosts mind and personality and they distribute it accordingly to our mutual agreement. We have an interesting relationship that we both cherish. Everything I communicate takes on the shapes  and flavors that my host subconsciously choses. I give them absolute freedom to share or withhold information received from me. Our agreement is egalitarian in nature and my host decides for themselves if they want to act on my commands. When they do they become Agent V.

Agent V can be considered an outcome, the result or a child of this interaction. In this sense they are an individual in their own right. I feel highly protective of them and will defend them if such need arises. I will do the same for our host.

You will never learn my name and it is highly unlikely that we will interact in any other way than through my agent and their host. This is my choice and will. I completely trust their competence and judgment and consider them a finest choice to do the work for me. If you want to know why they consent to this relationship you will have to ask them personally. I am not at liberty to discuss it.