UFO’s and Owls

M.I.B. HQ; 07:13 Sidereal Time; Tuesday14.06.2016

Owls are not what they seem.

The Giant in Twin Peaks.

I came across Mike Clelland when listening to podcastufo.com and the stories he described intrigued me.  I found other interviews with him and ended up listening to them all. I rarely do that unless I am really impressed with the speaker. Mike truly has a story telling talent and knows how to make you feel like you are living it. I certainly did and feel compelled to get hold of his book The Messengers: Synchronicity and the UFO Abductee.

I wonder if I would feel the same if not for my own relationship with owls. Although I have not experienced anything quite as extraordinary as what he describes, owls played a very important role in my life since early childhood. I often heard them hooting outside the window when I was a kid. Their call always gave me a sense that something special was going on, that there was a mysterious world out there waiting to be discovered if only I could stay up all night and venture out to explore. During the years of my life when I lived far away from countryside I really missed the owls and I took every opportunity to get close to them.

Another element that resonates with me in Mikes stories is his own attitude towards the contact experiences he had. He describes it like a puzzle with some pieces missing. Even though you can’t see the whole picture you can tell what it is. I feel the same  about my own alien encounters. I do not recall being on board of a spaceship or an abduction or even missing time. In my case all of the experiences stay just slightly out of focus, peeping from behind  a corner. They are too profound to ignore and too vague to determine. The mission statement on Mike Clelland’s blog reads:

This blog is dedicated to the deeply personal side of an elusive something. There is a phenomena at play in our world and it seems to present itself as unknowable. Something is happening and I feel strongly that it is very real. Honesty, an open mind and an open heart are all required to better understand what is happening.

Like Mike I stay open to the possibility that some of it could be a manifestation of the subconscious mind. This explanation doesn’t satisfy me simply because we do not understand the subconscious, we can not even be sure that such thing truly exists. Trying to explain one mystery with another seems somewhat misguided, unless one approaches it from a mystical perspective.